Ronald G. Jubin, PhD – Founder

Dr. Jubin is the founder and driving force behind IES Diagnostics and a published leader in the field of assay development and drug discovery. He is currently the Managing Director of Research and Development for Prolong Pharmaceuticals in South Plainfield NJ where he is working on treatments for cardiovascular diseases including sickle cell anemia, stroke and diabetic induced ischemia.

Prior to joining Prolong, Dr. Jubin spent eight years as the Director of Research and Development for PBL Interferon Source (“PBL”), one of the world’s leading developers of Interferons and Interferon related assays. While at PBL, Dr. Jubin worked closely with company founder, Sidney Pestka, MD., who is considered to be the “father of Interferons” for his seminal work that gave birth to the now six billion dollar Interferon industry.

At PBL, Dr. Jubin was the leader of all aspects of new product development from conception through marketing. He established both the Research and Development Department and the Contract Bioassay Group and was the lead member of product validation team implementing process controls and QC testing procedures.

Prior to joining PBL, Dr. Jubin spent thirteen years at the Schering-Plough Research Institute where he held various positions of increasing responsibility in the unit which discovered and developed antiviral drugs. He was a member of the team that initiated the technology that led to the molecular isolation of genes, recombinant expressions and purification that led to the discovery and approval of Boceprevir.

He has published numerous papers including an article co-authored with Ronald Rabin, M.D. (the original inventor of the technology licensed exclusively to IES by NIH) in the journal of Immunology and Cell Biology entitled “Expression Profiles of human interferon alpha and interferon lambda subtypes are Ligand and cell dependent” as well as an article in the field of hepatitis C virology characterizing interferon kappa, which demonstrated a unique juxtacrine mechanism of inhibiting HCV replication.

Dr. Jubin has a B.A in Microbiology from Keen University, an M.S. in Microbiology from Seton Hall University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the University of Medicine and Dentistry at the New Jersey Medical School.

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